VR Storytelling Exists Today...But

There are reasons it hasn't hit primetime

Virtual reality has existed for years now but there hasnt been one woldwide must see storytelling VR feature to date. Smartphone giant Samsung has tried to push the segment into mainstream. It was in their interest to even give away free headsets for VR to try to make it more accessible to consumers using their phones. With so many technology giants invested in the technology what is holding VR back from making big cinema dollars?

Doesn't yet have a standard visual expectations

Not having rules sounds like a good thing however it means people have no expectation on how a experience a VR movie. It is hard to dictate how emotions will be translated from such a new perspective. This makes it harder for storytellers / directors to know what emotions will be taken from a scene. VR can be experenced in the 1st person or 3rd person. New challenges await filmmakers such as making the choice if the audience should be a spectator in a scene or be involved in the scene. Some scenes that typically would be seen as exciting in standard moviemaking may come across as scary in VR. It is truely a new frontier.

It's not a solid investment for studios yet

When studios make investments in movies they have the expectation that the movie that is made will return on investment. VR's possible audience is very limited. Even the best experience will be limited to those who have VR headsets. How much can a studio invest and expect a return? Financing great experiences is far and few between.

What will it take to hit primetime?

The technology is definitely is available for a great VR movie exoerience. Like many great thing they start out small and not expensively. VR Storytelling will likely make an impact in television specifically reality shows first. The reason being that the cost to produce a reality show is much lower than scripted. VR content is coming but it probably won't be theatric in its infancy.

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